Custom Design Closets

Closet Ideas at Your Fingertips This is what we do - we provide you with the best solutions for any space and budget, and we provide it by giving you closet ideas

Closets with Sliding Doors

The Perfect Custom-Fitted Type of Closet Door for Your Home.

Key Kitchens offers one of the BEST CLOSETS IN THE MARKET when it comes to finishing and functionality with the most comprehensive frames and insert material selections for sliding door closets.
We offer steel frames and aluminum frames, laminate panels, frosted, clear, or back-painted glass inserts, different colors of mirrors, and a host of other specialty and highly custom materials to insert into your door system.
We can mix and match materials or the same materials but with different colors.
Also, we can insert those materials in whatever proportion you choose. With so many systems available and new systems in development, we will surely have something to fit just about any application or budget.
Key Kitchens CLOSETS AND KITCHEN offers steel frames and aluminum frames, laminated panels, frosted, clear or back painted glass inserts, different colors of mirror, and a host of other specialty and highly custom materials to insert into your door system..

Hinges Door

Inbuilt Closets with Hinges Doors

The most common type of door where the shutter is attached to the closet with hinges is called a swing door.
These are the conventional choice for wardrobes.
Hinged doors can work with wardrobes designed in any shape, including L-shape, triangular, and pentagonal corner wardrobes Hinged door wardrobes are ideal for larger rooms as they allow maximum access to your wardrobe.
Our hinged door wardrobes are available in a range of plain or patterned Polyurethane, they can also be customized to include glass or mirror inserts.
This allows you to select what hinged door wardrobe best matches your interior décor.
We use our full carcass system in our hinged door wardrobes and do not use standard-sized modules, ensuring complete design flexibility.

Walk-In Closets

High Quality Walk-In

Closet ideas With a walk-in closet design from Space Envy, you can feel confident that you’ll have a place to store all of your — and your partner’s — clothing, shoes, and accessories.
Your custom walk-in closet will be designed and built just for you and the way that you plan to use the space.
Everything in your closet remodel is custom-built with high-quality wood, so it will last for decades.
The walk-in closet is at the very core of a well-organized home.
It’s probably the area where space is optimized as best as possible and where storage is maximized in the most practical ways Key Kitchens innovative wardrobe and walk-in closet system with an evolved modularity, allows customization to be adaptable to any space. From the more simple and minimal doors to those characterized by distinctive features such as edges or frames, they are available in three opening options: leaf, folding, and sliding doors.
The inside has been designed to allow tailored storage organization.
Senzafine is a new way to discover the exceptional variety of looks and functions that will provide you with the greatest storage system that your house can offer you.

Accessories for Closet

Modern Closets Accessories

Key Kitchens Closet & Kitchen brings you the latest exclusive accessories for closets rooms Tasawer provides useful, multipurpose accessories that make your living enjoyable.
This includes the installation of the right kind of drawers and cabinets, storage units, and elegant accessories according to the specific zone.
Stock up your closet now with the best accessories and appliances from German high-quality brands.

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